Hey Guys and welcome to Loggerhead Foundations Special Event! We don't get to have this experience often, so we took the most of it and made a special event! Now I went to Airlie lately and went to all the islands around the Whitsundays. We came across an island called Hook Island where everybody when snorkelling. It was way to cold so I went on the glass bottom boat. We could see all the coral under water and it was amazing. We suddenly spotted a turtle on the waves! I knew instantly that it was a loggerhead and we went to get a glimpse of it underwater. It was to fast and got away. We soon found another, the same one, It was a big size which is a good indicator of healthy living there. It got away too. We were trolling along when suddenly a turtle got into the view of the window! It was a smaller size, which is another good indicator. It was an amazing experience and it makes me want to do it all over again. I will be going over to the other side of Australia soon and hope to see more of those loggerhead turtles. 



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